ABBC Coin Price Remains Bearish and Returns to More Normal Levels20

Whenever a relatively unknown and seemingly less-than-useful cryptocurrency rises in value out of the blue, there is a good chance its price retrace fairly shortly after. In this volatile industry, one of those coins can be found virtually every other day. Despite noting very strong gains a few days ago, it would appear the ABBC Coin price is dropping hard right now. Completely to be expected at this time, as the bearish pressure isn’t relenting.

Most people will readily agree the recent ABBC Coin pump took them by surprise. Not because of the intensity of the pump itself, but rather because the project itself seemingly doesn’t amount to all that much either. While it does try to use the Alibaba name, it seems to be very unsuccessful in this regard. As such, it is only normal the price comes down again after this recent surge. Slowly but surely, it appears to be returning to its pre-pump levels.

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