DigiByte Price Turns Bullish as Top Markets Cave Under the Pressure20

There is still plenty of bearish pressure across all cryptocurrency markets at this time. While that might not please too many users, it is evident this pressure will not relent automatically either. Despite this overwhelming pressure, it appears the DigiByte price is still moving up rather swiftly. A bit of a surprising development, as this market is often overlooked by most traders and speculators.

Not all cryptocurrencies follow Bitcoin’s price trend blindly. That in itself is quite promising in this day and age, although one has to wonder if this situation can remain in place for very long. As of right now, it seems DigiByte is capable of successfully avoiding Bitcoin’s trend, although it is doing so in a way that might not make too much sense to a lot of enthusiasts. Especially its very weak trading volume is a big question mark.

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