If Lyft or Uber had an STO, how much would you invest?

Lyft and Uber. Two unicorns valued at $15 billion and $120 billion, respectively. 2019 is the year where both of them could make their public debut with a forthcoming IPO. Through an initial public offering, the owners could sell a portion of the firm to public investors, essentially raising money that could help these two ride-sharing companies expand towards new markets, like autonomous cars and bike sharing. The process is more complex than it seems, though.

Prior to the IPO, the companies need to negotiate a sale of their stock to an investment bank that acts as an underwriter for the offering. We’ve seen this before, but given the fact that currently the volume of IPOs has soared to its highest level since the dotcom bubble in 2000, is it still the best option to make an investment in these giants (essentially a drop in the ocean), or should you look for other opportunities? For example, TapJets on-demand private jet app (Uber for private jets) already announced its security token offering (STO). Much like the giants of the Internet, the company is profitable, has a real business model, paying customers, growing sales, and the potential to become a unicorn in its space is going public, choosing cryptocurrency instead of stock. Do you want to find out why and if this could be a better deal than any upcoming IPO this year? I’m covering all of these in the following article. Keep reading!

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