Multiple Dozen “Super” Black Holes Lurk at the Edge of the Known Universe16

In the world of space exploration and science, black holes are one of the most intriguing concepts. Since no one knows how these black holes were formed in ancient times, scientists are still trying to find answers to numerous questions. A dedicated group of international astronomers has successfully identified not one, but eighty-three ancient black holes which lurk at the edge of the known universe.

Contrary to what most people may expect, black holes – and especially their “super” variant – are a lot more common in the known universe. While they can never be spotted from Planet Earth with the naked eye, there are quite a few of these black holes in rather close proximity. The difference between a regular black hole and its supersized sibling is how the masses it contains are vastly different. In fact, they make the sun look like a cat’s play toy in comparison. As such, they are capable of exerting even bigger gravitational pulls, which can effectively swallow parts of a galaxy without any real problem.

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