The New Blockchain Publishing Platform That Could Kill Medium and Steemit

One of the exciting things about blockchain technology is how it can change how we work. It enables a kind of freelance/gig economy where individual workers are empowered by technology that does not make them dependent on centralized platforms. Currently, there are platforms where you can offer a service, on others you can accept a temporary job, and on some others, you can put in bids and have competitions for jobs. In all cases, however, if you want to use another model or need more customizability, you have to switch platforms and lose the reputation you have built.

The same applies to online writing. Medium is a centralized platform that writers depend on as a mechanism for building and maintaining an audience. They also look to Medium because it offers a mechanism through which they can get paid for their content. Leaving Medium for another platform is a scary prospect because few others have such a large user-base and reliable payment system.

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