XRP Price Resumes Bearish Trend as XRP/BTC Continues to Drop14

There is a lot of interesting market momentum to keep an eye on in the cryptocurrency world. While the top markets are still all over the place, there is still some bearish pressure to contend with as well. The XRP price is still in the red, and most traders seemingly expect it to drop further to $0.31. Not s good start of the week, but the current trend may not allow that lower level to be hit.

While most people expected the XRP value to buck the bearish trend over the weekend, it seems that has not happened as of yet. While the current losses are not too bothersome to contend with whatsoever, it is evident there may not be an uptrend for some to come. That will displease a lot of holders and traders, yet there isn’t much one can do about it under these current circumstances.

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