Binance Coin Price Tries to Remain in the Green as Bearish Pressure Mounts20

With all of the top cryptocurrency markets under a lot of pressure, it seems today will be a mixed bag of profits and losses. In the case of the Binance Coin price, the positive momentum has not dried up entirely just yet. There is a chance BNB will overtake Bitcoin Cash in market cap, depending on how things evolve for Bitcoin and the likes.  A push through to $16 is not out of the question either.

It is evident most of the top markets are under a fair bit of bearish pressure at this time. This means today will not necessarily be the most profitable day for trading or buying cryptocurrencies, assets, and tokens. There will always be exceptions to take note of, such as Binance Coin. Regardless of the overall market trend, this asset seems to be dancing to its own beat. Even today, it successfully bucks the negative price trend.

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