BitTorrent Token Price Shows Bullish Signs as Other Markets Struggle22

As became apparent yesterday morning and early afternoon, the bearish pressure has regained its grip on virtually all cryptocurrency markets. That is not the biggest surprise by any means, although it is also a bit problematic. For the time being, most markets contain their losses, although the BitTorrent Token price is rising up like a phoenix. A surprising turn of events for this plagued market.

When all of the top markets start to buckle under the bearish pressure, some smaller-cap altcoins will begin shooting up like a rocket. Today is no exception in this regard, although it seems the BitTorrent Token market is not necessarily that “small” these days. With its current market cap of $142.5m, it sits comfortably within the market cap top 50. Pushing through to a more “elite tier’ will be very difficult, even under the best of circumstances.

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