TCRParty Wants to Pay You for Finding the Smartest People on Twitter2

Early last month, a deceptively simple novelty called TCRParty emerged from the bowels of Joseph Lubin’s ConsenSys. In a nutshell, TCRParty is a popularity contest—a list of 99 top Crypto Twitter accounts that are regularly retweeted by the core account @TCRPartyBot. But the list isn’t compiled by an individual or a committee: Instead, literally anyone can start a TCRParty account, then use cryptocurrency to attempt to “bid” to add or remove Twitter accounts from the list.

Though it launched on the Ropsten test network, the Ethereum-based Twitter game quickly amassed more users than some of the top live dapps, or distributed applications, on Ethereum. More than a month later, the experiment is still going strong, and its creators are working to refine it into a working demonstration of the big ideas behind it.

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