Everipedia Culture Roundup #10: Hustle Hard

The hustle, the grind, whatever you call it, we live in a time where people like to show that they are hard at work, but are they doing anything? A friend of mine once said to me “People lie, Numbers don’t” and when it’s all said and done, it’s the results that matter. People like E-commerce Guru Scott Hilse who went through adversity before he found his flow and established a six-figure Shopify store quite simply has the track record that shows his success. Producer Lil Texas has been part of the EDM scene for several years now and is finally hitting his stride bringing his signature ‘Texcore’ hardstyle sound to the masses. Instagram juggernaut Jessica Bartlett has cultivated her influencer persona on the platform and uses her experience and expertise to help brands do the same. Everipedia Director of Software Kedar Iyer had traveled the world and the seven seas before becoming involved in blockchain development and worked his fingers off to perfect his craft to become one of the most respected developers in the field. And EOS Bots aims to optimize how users interact with the EOS blockchain through its family of products. Learn more about each one of this week’s Everipedia Culture Roundup honorees below.

When people say entrepreneurship is dead, they are just are not looking hard enough. Growing up just outside of St. Louis, Scott Hilse always had dreams of working for himself and having the financial freedom to live the life he wanted. Hilse saw opportunity in e-commerce and dropshipping and carved his own unique strategy with his one product store method selling iPhone cases. Although he failed at first, it was only after moving to LA and driving Uber for a few months that Hilse decided to give his store a second try but this time with a refined Facebook ad strategy. It worked, tremendously, and he was making hundreds of thousands of dollars a month from his online store. Since then, Hilse has had his method endorsed by the likes of Tai Lopez and Oberlo and created a course to teach others how to execute it successfully. Now, the question is what will Hilse do next?

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