Upbeat Dutch Blockchain and Crypto Action Agenda461.17

Dutch Blockchain Action Agenda is the driving force for the innovative application of this technology in both products and services. At the hearing, DNB representative indicated that while "DNBCoin is still under consideration, it is also investigating a combination of Blockchain based cross-border payment services where cryptos are converted to fiat currencies and prepaid crypto debit cards." DNB stated "It supports the EU having extended its anti-money laundering directives to include digital money, acknowledging that the Netherlands will adopt it into national laws within 18 months." And reiterated that "Cryptocurrencies are not legal tender, they will not be banned, since it would obstruct blockchain innovation." The five Dutch Banks, which control over 90 percent of the Netherlands' retail banking market are exploring implementing Blockchain technology in their operations. The Dutch government is exploring how to use Blockchain technology to improve service delivery to citizens as the catalyzer for democracy, transparency, and participation.
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