This is How Scammers Double Spent $200k Worth of Bitcoins in Seven Canadian Cities

The sole purpose of crypto is to bring back the power to the masses. Bitcoin led the way and as a revolutionary coin, it is a product of adversity and a leader of a transformation. This means, with every induction, the coin is edging closer to mainstream adoption and that is precisely what every enthusiasts and observer wants. Considering its global nature and how it can be shaping, making these coins accessible to everyone is of top priority.

For this reason, the team behind this novel drive saw it fit to introduce Bitcoin kiosks or crypto teller machines. Although there is no connection with those dispensing government issued fiat, these ATMs embodies decentralization. These ATMs can be two-way, meaning you can buy supported cryptocurrencies and some allows conversion of crypto assets for fiat. Obviously, they are convenient points where users can sell supported coins for a fee while receiving an equivalent amount in fiat.

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