VeChain Price Gains 15% as Upcoming Summit Keeps the Hype Alive14

When the momentum turns bullish in the cryptocurrency, it is rather obvious. With most top markets noting a gain of 5% or less, it would appear VeChain is doing things very differently. So much even that the VeChain price currently notes a 16% gain across the board, although there is no real reason for such a sudden outbreak This also makes one wonder if the momentum can be sustained for more than a few hours.

It is quite evident a lot of cryptocurrencies, tokens, and assets have waited for a Bitcoin uptrend to materialize. As most of these markets directly derive value from the world’s leading cryptocurrency, it is only normal those markets turn bullish when Bitcoin does. VeChain is no exception in this regard, although it remains to be seen if the market isn’t getting ahead of itself right now. After all, this steep growth should result in a retrace at some point.

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