Groestlcoin Price Surges by 160% Following Debit Card Announcement10

Not a day goes by in the cryptocurrency world without some rather unexpected market momentum. In today’s edition, it would appear there is a sudden and surprising interest in Groestlcoin. So much even that the Groestlcoin price has more than doubled in value over the past few hours. That is primarily because of a heavily inflated trading volume, which seems to make little sense at this time.

While every cryptocurrency, token, or digital asset is an individual project first and foremost, it is always a bit unclear how things will evolve in the price department. In the case of Groestlcoin, there is a loyal community which supported this project in recent years. Even so, the GRS price never showed any real potential for more than a few hours on end. This run may turn out to be more of the same, even though its magnitude is quite bullish all across the board.

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