What Makes a Smart City Smart?

The reality? It varies per city and whom you talk to within the city. For most, it means leveraging technology to enable and improve city services and the resident experience. For others, it’s beyond that.

For example, Dublin may focus their efforts on improving economic development, while Singapore may be interested in enabling roving fleets of autonomous taxis. Baltimore may be more concerned with using technology to reduce the levels of crime, and Palo Alto’s top-of-mind issue maybe making parking less onerous. Dubai may be farther along than most of them, being a city with much recent new development which takes advantage of newer technology, so they are looking at flying autonomous vehicles (which if you ask me is far preferable for those on the ground — at least until we eliminate all terrible human drivers from the road). Both LA and Dallas plan to launch Uber autonomous flying cars in 2023 as well.

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