Inside Ledger’s Secret Parisian Hacking Lab14

The room itself is pretty nondescript—it’s a series of desks lined on the wall, along with another one in the middle. Atop the tables are expensive machinery—motherboards, a few computer monitors—one with a Sega sticker, wires, sensors, gizmos attached to telescope lenses, laptops. A small group of computer whizzes in sweaters hunch over their respective stations tinkering with whatever device they’re trying to digitally blow up. I’m in an attack lab—a part of Ledger’s Paris office that the company usually doesn’t discuss; in fact, I’m the first journalist to ever step foot in here.

Ledger, which builds cold storage hardware, has a team of about eight people whose entire imperative is to hack into its own products as well as its competitors’. The lab, called “Donjon,” has proven successful a few times. Recently, Ledger identified three serious issues with Trezor’s popular hardware wallet, which it passed on to its manufacturer, Czech Republic-based SatoshiLabs (more on this in a minute).

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