A Unique Approach To Trading Markets With The Equity Management Academy (Podcast)

After 30 years working as a trader in New York and Chicago, Patrick MontesDeOca founded The Equity Management Academy out of a deeply held belief in the power of education to change investors' financial outcomes. The Academy’s objective is to help all levels of traders from beginners to veterans become more effective at transforming knowledge into wealth. The centerpiece of the Academy is embodied in the fully automated proprietary trading program: the Variable Changing Price Momentum Indicator (VC PMI). The Academy also assists institutional traders and hedgers.

Patrick and his team at The Equity Management Academy joined Seeking Alpha as contributors in 2017. Their Seeking Alpha reports are based on the VC PMI analysis of various markets including S&P 500 (SPXS) (SPXL) E-mini futures, Gold (GDXJ), Silver (USLV) and Bitcoin. They are written by Scot Macdonald, PhD, who is the Director of Research for the Equity Management Academy.

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