Dogecoin Price Continues Downtrend yet 50 Satoshi Level Holds True12

In the cryptocurrency world, very few projects are successful over the course of multiple years. While Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP are clearly setting the bar for everyone else, it is also quite evident Dogecoin is here to stay. Unlike most other altcoins, DOGE has a special place in people’s hearts, although the price doesn’t always reflect it. Even today, the $0.002 level still hasn’t been broken in a positive manner, which puts a lot of strain on the Dogecoin price and its investors.

For those people who had expected bullish DOGE momentum over the weekend, there was plenty of disappointment. None of the top markets – with the exception of Stellar –  noted any real gains in the past 48-60 hours. That is rather unfortunate, although it was also somewhat to be expected. Until Bitcoin finds stable ground, all other markets will remain under a lot of pressure as well. Dogecoin will not be an exception in this regard.

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