Binance Launchpad: Toxic, but Smart.

Before beginning, a brief explanation of what Binance Launchpad is, should be helpful for some of you. The idea behind Launchpad is to be able to participate in ICOs on Binance in order for you to receive your tokens directly into your Binance wallet. That’s the main advantage for users. Another advantage is that you don’t have to go through all these KYC steps that most ICOs require. A last advantage that’s worth mentioning is that, as an investor, it’s a guarantee that the token will be listed on a major exchange(Binance) and hopefully have a decent volume. But there are also advantages for companies who want to run an ICO. The main advantage of running an ICO on Binance is that you have directly access to thousands of potential investors. On top of that, it gives you automatically credibility and an enormous amount of exposure because everyone knows that it’s incredibly hard to be listed on Binance.

So, why is it toxic?

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