AZ FundChain Could Be A Huge Long-Term Winner4

Many altcoins have had a rough go during the past 13 months.  While a few projects have seen success, many have disappointed token holders.  Disappointments have ranged from missed deadlines to less ambitious roadmap alterations.  There is no doubt that these failings have added to the negative vibe that currently permeates the markets.  But, even in the face of all the challenges, a few projects have achieved major milestones.  Although I’m much more careful in picking altcoins now than before, one project appears to be too good to pass up.  AZ FundChain has developed a new application that improves upon all the problems associated with traditional crowdfunding and money circles.

ROSCA funding (money circles) is an increasingly common way to generate private funding.  Despite the rising popularity, the traditional way of organizing the circle created a barrier to entry for honest people looking for funding without interest to access them.  A major problem with money circles it that money circle organizers are not always fully transparent about the fees being charged in these vehicles.

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