Who are the Cryptocurrency Whales & How They Affect to the Coin Market

In the world of bitcoin, there are institutional investors and there are whales. Institutional investors such as Goldman Sachs are becoming significant crypto investors, but whales have been here since the beginning of digital currency, especially in bitcoin. But who are they? The whale metaphor holds well — these are the largest hodlers (holders, in bitcoin-speak) of BTC, and most of them surface from time to time.

The most famous whale is one you’re not likely to see, or at least not know it if you do. That would be the person or people called Satoshi Nakamoto, who invented the modern cryptocurrency and mined the first bitcoin on 3 January 2009. Because we can determine what wallets to store the bitcoin he mined, we can estimate that Satoshi owns about one million bitcoin, though the full extent of his holding is not known. Any trading activity from these wallets would create a splash throughout the crypto community, since his true identity is the subject of conjecture.

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