Ethereum Price Could see Interesting ETH/USD Action According to Traders

Over the weekend, no notable Ethereum price changes have been noted. Although this popular token still faces a lot of market pressure, it seems a positive value gain might be in order over the coming hours. The hourly chart looks somewhat promising, although a push to $110 may very well require a lot of effort.  In the ETH/BTC department, things are not looking too great either, although the situation could improve at any given moment.

It is not an easy period for all cryptocurrencies as of right now. Considering how many markets rely on Bitcoin’s price first and foremost, it is only normal no real uptrend can materialize as of right now. In the case of Ethereum, there has been a lot of negative pressure on the market, although it hasn’t hit the two-digit mark again. There may be another dip in the coming days, although no major dips are to be expected as of right now.

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