How Chinese New Year Celebrations Could be Affecting Bitcoin (BTC)

Chinese history and culture cannot be summarized in this brief article for it dates back several millennia. Our window into the great past of China has been provided through timeless books such as ‘the Art of War’ and the majestic Wall of China that can be viewed from space. When it comes to Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency investing, China was ahead of the rest until the government placed a ban on all online trading. However, this ban did not include peer-to-peer trading or even operations of Over-the-Counter transactions. The Chinese government has also publicly stated that blockchain technology has a bright future.

It is also known that the Chinese New Year is marked in every corner of the globe for globalization has provided an avenue for not only Chinese citizens to travel and work anywhere in the world, but for every inhabitant of this great planet to move and experience different lands. It is with this minor fact of globalization that any individual celebrating the Chinese New Year of 2019, will most likely take some time off to visit relatives or even relax by taking a vacation.

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