Crypto Programmer: Goal of Bitcoin is to Bypass Existing Financial System, Not to Support it9

Bitcoin is inherently a cypherpunk, anti-establishment movement. From day one, this whole movement around Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision of digital money has been single-handedly pushed by the zany, outcasts, and decentralists that push their beliefs with a religious fervor. The fact that Satoshi didn’t divulge his, her, or their true identity, along with an analysis of the vernacular that the creator enlisted, only highlights the fact that Bitcoin isn’t meant to conform with legacy systems.

Yet, since 2008, when Satoshi quietly released his whitepaper to a little-known cryptography mailing list, secluded in the dingy corners of the then-much-smaller Internet, this vision has seemingly been lost. Case in point, in recent years, crypto startups have attempted to appease governmental entities and Wall Street representatives. But, one cryptographer has sought to bring the cryptocurrency community back to its roots, releasing a scathing Twitter thread about how Satoshi’s original vision has been misconstrued over time.

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