Bloomberg: Current Cryptocurrency Market a Buying Opportunity for Venture Capitalists

Cryptocurrency, Venture Capital–Despite the current depressed market prices for Bitcoin and major altcoins, crypto hedge funds turned venture capitalist are finding themselves in the midst of a potential buying opportunity. According to Bloomberg, the rush to establish cryptocurrency hedge funds throughout the bullish market of 2017 has led to an uptick in venture capital activity, with most former funds finding themselves in the role of evaluator for struggling cryptocurrency projects.

The severe bear market of 2018, which led to coin prices across the board falling more than 80 percent, left in its wake crypto startups and the Initial Coin Offerings that are struggling to pay the bills. The end result has been a landscape of depressed market valuation, potentially much lower than what most of these companies and coin projects should fairly be traded at, which presents a proverbially gold mine for well capitaled institutions.

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