Querying the Blockchain: Why The Graph Might Become One of the Important Protocols of the Web3…

Data access has played a prominent role in any technology trend in the history of software. Data access technologies such as databases, search engines or query APIs are so ubiquitous that we barely think about them when architecting software solutions. As Web 3.0, decentralized applications powered by blockchain technologies evolve, infrastructure blocks such as data access will become more relevant. However, solving data access in the blockchain have proven to be a very challenging endeavor that forces developers to spend significant amounts of time writing infrastructure code. Among, the Web3 data access solutions in the market, The Graph Protocol is that one that I particularly like because of its simplicity and clever utilization of modern technologies.

We came across The Graph a few months ago during one of our blockchain implementations and have been testing and tracking the project ever since. The main idea behind The Graph is to make blockchain data queryable by leveraging established data access protocols such as GraphQL. While that idea sounds conceptually trivial, the implementation is full of non-trivial challenges.

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