Electroneum Price Shows Bullish Signs as IOS Beta Receives Positive Feedback18

When all cryptocurrency markets are still on wobbly legs, things will get pretty interesting in the near future. For Electroneum, there is a lot of positive momentum shaping up, even though it hasn’t affected the value all that much. Despite some minor Electroneum price uptrend shaping up right now, it remains to be seen if the momentum can be sustained over the coming days.

On paper, all of the cryptocurrency markets should evolve independently of one another. In the real world, that is not always the case. Virtually every altcoin relies on Bitcoin’s market trend first and foremost. Electroneum is not necessarily an exception in this regard, even though the altcoin has shown a tendency of doing its own thing every now and then. For today, it seems to follow the overall market trend, although that can always change when people least expect it.

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