“Short The Bankers”: Financial Advisor Lauds Bitcoin (BTC) After BoA Charges

Since Bitcoin (BTC) came into being, it has been lauded for being an alternative to the traditional financial system. Yet, those with a vested interest in this dinosaur-esque world have quickly rebutted these cries, noting that cryptocurrencies are not only slow, but are expensive, pro-anarchism, and accessible for bad actors, whether it be rogue states, terrorist groups, or cyber-criminals.

Jamie Dimon, the chief executive of JP Morgan, and Janet Yellen are just two Wall Street hotshots that have lambasted cryptocurrencies, quipping that their value proposition is limited, if not non-existent outright. But these critiques haven’t gone unnoticed, as the crypto ecosystem has done its best to combat harrowing hearsay from financial incumbents.

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