Highlights from J.P. Morgan’s latest global blockchain and cryptocurrencies report60

This past week J.P Morgan’s Global Research franchise refreshed their quarterly Perspectives series, following up on their Decrypting Cryptocurrencies series published last February with a 55-plus page pragmatic overview of the developments in blockchain and crypto in 2018, examining both commercial viability and barriers to implementation. Contrary to the headlines that other publications have pushed, the report offers an in-depth collection of varying views from analysts across sector and regional expertise, some more bullish/bearish in scope than others. To save you the time, we’ve summarized the highlights of the report below, which provides a holistic view of the narratives being fed to traditional legacy institutional investors and clients.

Blockchain in ‘Big Tech’ is evolving – According to Software Tech analyst Sterling Auty, enterprise blockchain and Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) are largely being built in-house, with AWS and Microsoft Azure offering public cloud environments to help enterprises explore blockchain and dapp development. The team is monitoring developments with a potential Facebook payment solution.

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