Everipedia Internet Culture Roundup #5: Tattoos Are Forever

Tattoos are a permanent mark that symbolizes how you feel about someone or something a certain point in time. It has become a starter of conversations for many interactions. Roger Stone got his tattoo of Richard Nixon years ago and carries the former President’s spirit quite literally on his back. Kelsey Karter supposedly got singer Harry Styles’ tattoo on her face this week and many are wondering how her future significant other will feel about it in a few years. Notorious Wikipedia editor Philip Cross is not known to have tattoos, and his editing activity makes people question whether he is a person at all or a group of people trying to sway public opinion. Dan Riffle does not care if you have a tattoo or not, only if you are a billionaire because he considers that to be an economic ill to society. And no word yet if Mythical Games will allow you to customize the characters in their upcoming MMO games with tattoos or not. So without further tattoo commentary, here are this week’s most intriguing pages on Everipedia.

The Auckland-born LA-based soul singer Kelsy Karter has made her admiration of Harry Styles known in a big way; she has tatted Harry Styles’ face on her face in honor of his birthday. People are still questioning whether the tattoo is real or not but in an era of baby-faced tatted rappers and short-term attention-grabbing stunts on social media, Karter is merely playing her role in the spotlight. Growing up, she has stated she had never really felt at home anywhere and that she has always been a rebel and Karter is certainly living up to that with her actions.

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