Putting SubstratumNode v0.4.2 to the Test48

A Substratum brand ambassador tested the latest SubstratumNode v0.4.2 release, showing outstanding speed and performance. However, CryptoSlate replicated these tests and the results were far from what was advertised. These inconsistencies raise questions around how speed tests are being conducted and marketed to the cryptocurrency community.

On Jan. 10th, Substratum released v0.4.2 of SubstratumNode, a software product designed to circumvent Internet censorship by routing network traffic through a network of nodes. Substratum is similar to Tor, in that both products route traffic through a network of distributed nodes to give users more privacy and anonymity. The big difference is that Substratum does not require a dedicated web browser, and also allows nodes to earn SUB tokens by routing traffic.

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