My Unconfiscatable Conference ReCap

I’m sitting at the airport in Las Vegas waiting on a 1:30am flight that will eventually land me somewhere on the east coast in 8 hours. I didn’t plan on it or anything, but as one of my 2019 resolutions was to write more, I figured I’d recap a bit of what went down in Vegas. I know I’m breaking the rules. What happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Carson County, Nevada. But, I just came from a conference about sticking it to the man and I’m feeling unruly.

I didn’t know what to expect heading into this dinner. Many of the main VIP attendees and the host himself- Tone Vays, have exulted about dieting exclusively on the finest cattle the world can offer. Now, I love a good steak, but it was under my own impression, that I thought we were going to be exclusively eating raw 64 oz. porterhouses paired with a full bodied cabernet. Maybe there would be the possibility of a bone-marrow plate being served up for an appetizer? I had even carved up some nightmarish-blurry vision of Tone, Saifedean, Count Dracula and the rest of us speed-eating to see who could consume our plates the fastest. While I’m up for some challenges, I was happy to see options on the menu. Potatoes and carrots were served alongside my medium-rare ribeye and I was able to consume copious amounts of self-serve coffee. Most of the guests in my vicinity chose the ribeye. Let’s be real, you would look like a reckless soy-boy eating herb tomato broth as your entree at this event. (Ducks the sandals thrown at me by the three people at the event who probably did this…)

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