Why ETHDenver Plans to Offer Free, On-Site Childcare12

A “one-off comment” isn’t enough to get John Paller’s attention. As the founder and executive steward for the ETHDenver hackathon, his goal is to create a space where “diverse intelligences” can mingle, and he gets plenty of feedback. But one issue he heard repeatedly last year proved a barrier to entry for multiple ETHDenver hopefuls—a lack of on-site, affordable childcare.

“I had a couple of speakers who were new moms, and they were just like, logistically, this is a pain in the ass,” he tells BREAKER. Another mother who wanted to attend ETHDenver last year objected that the event wasn’t “flexible” or “parent-friendly.” She and event staff ultimately worked out a way for her to attend, but not before they received some useful yet “colorful” commentary from her about the event’s exclusivity, says Paller. “I pay attention to those opportunities to improve.”

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