Two Hacker Groups Have Stolen over $1 Billion, Accounting for over Half the Hacks: Report10

Hackers have made away with billions of dollars in the past few years. And as it turns out, it may have been primarily the work of two criminal groups. A new report by Chainalysis revealed that the two groups have stolen over $1 billion in successful heists in recent years. The two groups are well organized and have wreaked havoc on exchanges and wallets in a systematic manner. The scariest part: the two are still active and so far, no one has come close to tracking them down.

In the third installment of its Crypto Crime series, Chainalysis broke down the hacking process and why the two groups have continued to evade capture. On average, the two groups stole $90 million per hack. This sum is large enough, but the number gets incredibly bigger over time. The report stated:

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