Ryan Zinke, A Disgraced Trump Official With No Tech Background, Will Be Right At Home As a Blockchain Investor

In mid-January, a month after resigning from the Trump cabinet under a cloud of scandal, former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke was named managing director and senior vice president at Artillery One, a tech and energy investment firm. Operational details about Artillery One are scant, but it says its core areas include cybersecurity, fintech, and digital assets. Which is to say, blockchain. Zinke himself has no apparent background in tech, so the hire could seem like misguided window-dressing. But it actually makes a slightly perverse sort of strategic sense through a broader lens.

There’s a chance Zinke’s new affiliation could actually be Good for Bitcoin. In a new interview with Vice News in St. Moritz, Switzerland, Zinke said that “we’re going to concentrated on cybersecurity, and look for opportunities on blockchain . . . And also look at the regulatory structure to make sure that that structure doesn’t inhibit the opportunity of blockchain itself.”

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