Tron and BitTorrent’s BTT Are Satoshi Nakamoto’s Words Come True

For an unconfirmed amount (rumored to be $126 million), Tron did acquire BitTorrent and just like that they had access to more than 170 million monthly users spread across 133 countries complete with a 22 percent upstream traffic. This acquisition is part of their overall strategy: that of decentralizing the internet and acting as the future of media partly by creating this decentralized entertainment ecosystem.

Remember, the BitTorrent is itself a protocol and although many think they can download copyrighted files from BitTorrent, that is not actually the case. What happens is that the protocol via trackers, help the peers connect to seeders. Everything is peer to peer and there are no single point of failures allowing incensed parties to sue the “protocol”. It is also censor resistant embodying the very tenets of blockchain. Now, before this acquisition, seeders were not incentivized but with the launch of the BTT token off the Tron’s TRC-10 standard, there is a way for participants to earn extra funds for their selfless work.

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