Crypto Trader Made Over $100,000 On Ethereum DApp Augur4.2

2018 hasn’t been kind to the broader cryptocurrency market. It’s no secret that Bitcoin fell by upwards of 70%, as other crypto assets, such as Ethereum, XRP, and the like, posted similar, if not more severe losses. With this downturn, crypto investors lost copious amounts of capital. However, one pseudonymous, somewhat mysterious industry participant managed to net himself/herself six digits of profit amid a broader bear season.

The Ethereum user, known only by a string of 40 numbers and letters, purportedly scored a tad over 856 ETH, currently valued at a tad over $100,000 (was valued much higher earlier). While this figure is already astounding in and of itself, the eerily accurate soothsayer secured the $100,000 in 177 trades, amounting to an average of $564 per prediction.

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