U.S. Government Shutdown Paused For Now: Assessing The Economic Impact2

The longest-ever US government shutdown has finally ended - at least temporarily - while negotiations continue over funding of a US-Mexico border wall. While the government will be reopened at least until February 15, the economic implications of the shutdown and the potential for more disruption ahead have become a source of concern to many global investors. Stephen Dover, Head of Equities for Franklin Templeton, outlines some considerations investors should keep in mind.

The US government's most recent shutdown ended after 35 days, but was still longer than any previous shutdown in history. We know the reasons why it occurred - President Donald Trump wants $5.7 billion in funds for a US-Mexico border wall, but Congressional Democrats are loath to grant that sum for this purpose. While the government has been reopened and furloughed workers will receive back pay, the border issue remains at an impasse.

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