Ethereum Price Continues its Sideways Trading Momentum2

At this somewhat interesting weekend for all cryptocurrency markets, it will be interesting to see how the top markets perform. Traders and speculators with big hopes for Ethereum may want to rethink that strategy for the short-term, as the token is not progressing as expected. In fact, the USD gains are almost negated entirely by the BTC losses. An Ethereum price of $120 will seemingly remain well out of reach, for now.

It is never fun to see one of the top cryptocurrencies, tokens, or assets struggle for an extended period of time. Those investors who bought Ethereum $1,200 will, unfortunately, have to wait a while longer before that level is reached again, if ever. The current price momentum doesn’t warrant too much optimism whatsoever, In fact, it seems more likely the token will drop below $100 again instead of pushing through to the $125 level.

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