Fyre Festival’s Five Lessons for Not Getting Scammed

Two new documentaries have renewed the public’s fascination with the Fyre Festival, a planned 2017 music event that unwound disastrously and, in the end, turned out to be a giant fraud. I wrote about the event at the time, but the new movies—one from Hulu, and one from Netflix—have revealed dozens of incredible behind-the-scenes details about exactly how things went so wrong. (For what it’s worth, consensus among BREAKER staff is that the Netflix version of the story, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, is a much better watch.)

Those details, in ways large and small, show that the Fyre Festival bore an incredible, even uncanny resemblance to the crypto scams that cost would-be investors billions of dollars in 2017. In fact, as the hosts of the excellent Coin Talk podcast recently pointed out, mastermind Billy McFarland would have been an amazing ICO schemer if he’d gone into crypto instead of entertainment.

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