Blockchain Science Fiction Premiere: “Gatekeeper”2

Among the profusion of “spokes” that make up the blockchain incubator/umbrella company ConsenSys, the Cellarius project may be the most offbeat.  It describes itself as a “transmedia cyberpunk franchise that leverages blockchain technology and user-generated assets to create a collaborative, fan-curated story.”

We’re hoping to report more on what Cellarius is trying to do, and where the project stands, particularly in light of the recent shakeup at ConsenSys. But it has already produced at least one sterling product. To get their shared world off the ground, the Cellarius team wrote a kind of “bible” for their universe, which includes a lot of cyberpunk tropes, from bionic enhancement to robot cops, and adds some blockchain elements, including ETH as a standard currency. They then commissioned some of the greatest writers in sci-fi today to produce short stories set there. The resulting stories were collected in Whose Future Is It? Cellarius Anthology, Volume 1, released in December.

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