Fred Wilson: Bitcoin May Take Much of 2019 to Bottom Out, But There Are Catalysts2.4

The search for a bottom in crypto markets has been arduous. Over the past year, day in, day out, pundits in this nascent community have sought to discern where the falling knife will stick. Yet, cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin (BTC), have continued to trade without rhyme or reason, leaving a majority of consumers in a bear market-induced state of confusion. Yet, a leading pro-innovation venture capitalist has remarked that a bottom for blockchain-based assets is nigh, and draws ever closer with the passing of each day.

Since BTC faltered as 2017 came to head, optimistic investors have sought to time the bottom. And while some cynical analysts have claimed that this long-awaited, highly-anticipated occurrence is years away, Fred Wilson, a co-founder of Union Square Ventures and a cryptocurrency proponent, has claimed that the process of bottoming has commenced. Wilson shared his thoughts on the matter via a blog post on AVC, his world-renowned blog that covers markets of all shapes and sizes.

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