Novogratz: Billionaires Disappearing In China Presents A Bitcoin Bull Case4.8

The world’s your oyster. No, no it’s not. Since capitalism became the norm, every common Joe and Jill, whether confined to suburban sprawl or trapped in rural farmland, have had dreams of making it big in the world. However, for many, these vision of grandeur are quixotic — out of reach for all but the luckiest. And as such, joining the billionaires (or even millionaires) club has become a raison d’etre for many materialists. But maybe not for China’s hopefuls. However, that’s where Bitcoin and crypto step in.

In 2011, Ray Kwong, a Forbes contributor, dropped an article that changed the world’s perception of China’ rapidly swelling upper-upper class. Kwong, citing data from local news outlets, claimed that China’s crème de la crème have fallen victim to a number of “unnatural deaths.” The Forbes contributor even joked that China’s then-current billionaires “should be more than a little nervous.”

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