VCs are Expecting Crypto Market to Deliver Massively in 2019, Will Price Reflect it?3.4

To many onlookers, the crypto market is unpredictable as the weather. No one expected the jaw-dropping Bitcoin price rally in late-2017, nor what played out afterward. Yet, a recent quip from a leading cryptocurrency investor claims there may be an underlying rhythm to this industry — a multi-year heartbeat, if you will, that is slow but consistent. As the old adage goes, “history doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.”

After a painstaking 12 months, 2019 has finally arrived. In terms of valuations, 2018 was a dismal year for cryptocurrencies en-masse, as the aggregate value of all digital assets fell by ~87%. However, many optimistic industry enthusiasts have applied the cliché — “new year, new me” — to crypto. And while much of this is unbridled hope from dreamers, infused with copious amounts of so-called “hopium,” maybe this optimism isn’t all too zany after all.

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