There Won’t Ever Be Only One Crypto, Says “True Bitcoin Maximalist”3

Since alternative crypto assets began to garner traction in recent years, some of the Bitcoin (BTC) community’s most fervent leaders have come out to denounce “altcoins,” as they’re adamant that BTC is the crème de la crème. In fact, some so-called “maximalists” have taken their raison d’etre to extremes, claiming that any blockchain project accompanied by a token is an outright scam, joke, knockoff, or mischievous cash grab.

As such, this subset of industry participants has claimed that crypto assets en-masse, save for BTC, will crumble to zilch over time. Yet, a blockchain developer of four years, who claims he’s the “only true Bitcoin maximalist left,” claims that the radical mindset is baseless, adding that a handful of cryptocurrencies will always exist.

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