Crypto Pundit: Ethereum (ETH) Is “Doomed To Be Centralized”

On January 14th, Preston Byrne, an attorney at Bryne & Storm that is enamored with blockchain technology, took to Twitter to mention his thoughts on Ethereum (ETH), likely in the context of the then-impending Constantinople hard fork, which was recently delayed due to security qualms. Byrne joked that the popular blockchain is more centralized than “the core of a neutron store falling into the event horizon of a black hole,” accentuating his true thoughts on Ethereum.

The British solicitor, who founded “the first open-source permissioned blockchain client,” Monax, wasn’t done though, as he added that the aforementioned ‘black hole’ was situated “at the center of the ultra-dense galaxy m85-HCC1,” run by Ripple Labs.

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