Dogecoin Price Moves up Slightly yet the 60 Satoshi Level Remains Unattainable4

Weekends are always interesting periods for cryptocurrency trading. Compared to the rest of the week, users will often see completely different trends materialize. This weekend is shaping up to be slightly bullish so far. That also reflects well on the Dogecoin price which is inching ahead in USD value. The DOGE/BTC losses continue to pile up, unfortunately.

It has not been a bad nor good week for Dogecoin in terms of its valuation. Although there have been some minor losses in BTC value, the USD value has held its own without too many problems. Additionally, the Dogecoin market cap remains above $250m for today, which is another positive sign in its own right. As such, one can see why some speculators continue to expect big things from the meme currency of the internet.

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