If Bitcoin (BTC) Breaks 3700 USD, It Could Boost the Crypto Markets, CryptoSync Analyst Says

It seems that the prediction season has begun, with bullish and bearish opinions much more conservative than the ones from the last year. While it is difficult to provide a certain level of strength in the predictions of a market as volatile and young as the cryptomarket, this does not seem to stop analysts and fans from exposing their views to the world.

Over the last few days, Bitcoin has had relatively stable behavior, fluctuating in the 3600 and 3750 range. This price range has been sustained after a large bearish candle that culminated in a three-day declining behavior that led Bitcoin from costing around 4200 USD to touch a minimum of 3700 USD before the “stability” period. This large bearish candle is, in turn, a correction of a bullish candle of similar proportions dated December 28, 2018.

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