Document Guide for your STO in 2019

Despite the market downturn, constantly declining numbers of indicators of funds raised by projects, as well as increasing skepticism about the industry, many startups still continue to think that ICO is an easy way to break into the cash flow and tear off a tasty piece of investment.

However, the current reality is quite different. Everyone understands that ICO is far from ideal, primarily due to the fact that the tokens buyer mistakenly thinks that he is a full-fledged investor and he has a voting right in the company, he owns a profit share or he has a predominant right to newly issued shares. For this reason, the American regulator (SEC) back in July last year stated in its report that some tokens can be classified as securities, so they should be regulated in the same way as traditional securities. Another ICO problem is fraudulent projects whose task is only to enrich its founders, however banal it would sound now.

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