Enterprise Blockchain May Finally Be Ready for Its Breakout666.11

Perhaps the most similar of these startups to the enterprises exploring blockchain via consortia is Multichain, which last year revealed a number of new partners in its own consortium, followed closely by the launch of its own open-source version 1.0 enterprise software. Unlike enterprise consortia, while Multichain does not require the use of a cryptocurrency, it is designed to easily integrate with the bitcoin blockchain. The most notable of these sleeper startups are Tradewinds, the blockchain spin-off behind the IEX exchange made famous in Michael Lewis's "Flash Boys," which is expected to emerge later this year with some big news, and two startups from within R3: Post Oak Labs, a fintech consultancy with blockchain roots and DrumG, building products for clients using Corda. What each of the blockchain startups catering to enterprises have in common, according to Hu Liang, founder of another leader in the space, venture-backed blockchain operating system, Omniex, is some rather unusual positioning, from a historical perspective.
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